Flight delays. They’re expensive – time is money, and unhappy passengers are bad for business.

… Are you dealing with poor communication, safety concerns, unprofessional or poorly trained staff and bad management?

Do you feel like you’re …

  • Not in control due to poor communication
  • Frustrated with flight delays and problems
  • Worried about safety issues
  • Fed up with unprofessional staff
  • Sick of outdated equipment?


You should never have to wait on service personnel. It’s just wrong for you to be dealing with anything less than top quality service providers. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re not in control of your operation.

But if you do, you are not alone. We see airlines all the time who are dealing with less than professional service providers who don’t take their work seriously.

AccuFleet International, Inc.

has been providing quality, reliable services to its customers within the aviation industry since 1981. From the beginning, aviation has remained our primary focus. Our very first client is one of the largest international carriers in the world, and today remains one of our largest customers.

Whether it is eliminating flight delays, improving safety, or enhancing productivity, our mission is to assist our customers by offering creative, value-driven solutions to the problems they face today and the challenges they anticipate for tomorrow. That is why we do not see ourselves as merely the upholstery care people, or the aircraft-cleaning people, or the warehouse management people. We are the Aviation Support People, and we are here to help you achieve your objectives.

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Imagine working with a vendor who truly cares about its employees, with a focus on safety and IATA trained staff.

Imagine having better communication, up-to-date equipment, good management and professional staff. Imagine having your flights done on time!

You’ll feel …

  • Peace of mind that there won’t be a safety incident
  • Relaxed because your vendor has it all taken care of
  • In control of your operation
  • Relieved that your flights are on time!


Or you could just keep doing things the same old way. Keep worrying about lack of safety and training, and dealing with delays and poor communication. You’ll never break free from the cycle if you don’t make a change.

So Contact Us NOW, and let’s have a chat!